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Kayaking Crystal River area springs

Come along with me as I paddle to the 3 sisters springs, Hunter springs, Jurassic springs along with other points in the Kings Bay area.

Paddle To Wolf Island

One of my favorite paddle trips in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex is a paddle out to the beautiful Wolf Island!  Wolf Island is located on the 29,000 acre Lake Ray Roberts.  Come with me today on this journey and make this paddle one of your favorites!

Corpus Christi, Texas

The Corpus Christi bay area has so many great trails to paddle.  This is just one.  Packery channel offers a deep channel, miles of shallow grass flats, islands to explore and access to the Gulf when the winds are agreeable.  Check it out on your next trip to Corpus Christi! 

Oru Kayak Bay ST Review

Thanks for using my affiliate link:    Best Folding Kayak Ever? - This might just be the most versatile, best performing, lightest, fastest, most stable sit inside 12' folding touring kayak ever!  I've tried this kayak out and here are my thoughts . . .